9 Map Frame
The Paper Star

9 Map Frame

A unique and wonderful bespoke accessory, a great way to commemorate all the places and occasions that have a special meaning in your life or your families lives. 

Select nine map locations that are special to you, your partner or family, and we will source the locations from our collection of vintage maps and mount them onto wooden hearts. The 9 wooden hearts will then be mounted into a box frame in the order you put in the boxes below to make a colourful and beautiful piece of art which comes in either a white or black frame.  If you would like a different shape such as squares, rectangles or triangles select the other option and write which shape you would like in the notes box beneath the location boxes. 

The box frame measures 52 x 52cm and each wooden heart or circle approximately 10 x 10cm.

Please remember that on vintage maps modern tourist names are not always marked and that the surrounding area occasionally may have changed names and territories.